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Radinn = Radical Innovation. Even the name reflects the passion. To bring radical innovation to the world of surfing.

A new generation of jetboards

The new Radinn line is truly both radical and innovative. It is a fully modular and integrated system, with three main components. Boards, jet and battery that together create a new, exciting kind of surfing experience

Radinn G3 X-Sport

The sportiest and most robust jetboard to date! The brand new Radinn X-Sport features an extremely strong, lightweight hull with newly developed XDL Tech construction. With this board you can look forward to adventurous sessions. The X-Sport can be equipped with 4 fins. This add-on allows for various customization options so you can configure the perfect board for your style, height and build.

Radinn G3 Freeride Jetboard

The ultimate all-round product. Fun for beginners and pros alike. The innovative hull design cuts through chop waves and is fun to ride in virtually any condition.

Radinn G3 Carve Jetboard

High-performance board for advanced and professionals. The Carve's responsive shape allows for full heel and toe control. With the two foot straps you can ride effortlessly and very sportily, they also allow tight curves and quick edging.

Radinn components & accessories

Other components, accessories and small parts are also available. Feel free to contact us.