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eSurfing is our passion! eFoil Riders is one of the largest eSurfboard resellers in Europe and is well known for its outstanding customer support. Our vision is to revolutionize eSurfing, by helping to make it more sustainable and eco-friendly – realizing the dream of unlimited surfing in places that weren't possible before! Get your gear and become a part of the new electric surfing revolution!

We love the water, the surf feeling, and being one with nature! eFoil Riders brings those feelings to the rivers, lakes and the ocean, independent from wind and waves. Our goal is to share this special vacation feeling with you and that's why we are the experts for you when it comes to electronic hydrofoils and jetboards. We are the experts for you in electronic hydrofoils and jetboards. We are authorized premium reseller of the products Fliteboard, AUDI e-tron foil (Audi eFoil) & Radinn and we want to share our passion with YOU! As authorized premium resellers, we have the needed expertise and offer the complete range of Fliteboards, AUDI e-tron foils, Radinn Jetboards, and all accessories.

eFoil Riders Norway belongs to the mother company eFoil Riders from Germany and we extended our services by shipping to our Norwegian customers now! The primary location of eFoil Riders Norway is Kristiansand, although we have another branch at the beautiful Lofoten Islands. In addition, we offer tailor-made consulting, fitted to your personal needs and test rides in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger. Contact us to find out when we are near you.

At our base in Kristiansand, we have all spare parts to perform all maintenances and repairs. As a service partner, we remain your reliable contact for all technical questions even after your purchase.

eFoil Riders Roadshow 2022

Would you like to get to know our boards and test ride them, whether it's an Fliteboard, Radinn or Audi e-tron foil? No problem! Come to our roadshow and experience the feeling. The following locations are available.

Location Date
Bergen 01.06 - 02.06.2022
Stavanger 03.06 - 05.06.2022
Kristiansand 06.06 - 08.06.2022
Oslo 12.06 - 13.06.2022
Malmö 16.06 - 17.06.2022
Copenhagen 18.06 - 19.06.2022
5 Unique Advantages

Why you should buy your Fliteboard, AUDI e-tron foil and Radinn from us


What is a Fliteboard eFoil?

Fliteboard Series 2.2 eFoil gives you the feeling of flying over the water: fast, quiet and emission-free It is a cool surfboard with electric drive. Fliteboard glides through the water like a snowboard through powder snow, controlled with a remote control in your hand. Enjoy the freedom to ride anywhere and anytime - regardless of wind and waves, on the lake, sea or river!

"Totally love the product. Outstanding experience, high quality, love the detail."

Frank Thelen | Investor

"It's amazing. It feels like you're flying."

Nico Rosberg | Former F1 World Champion

Every detail of the Fliteboard has been designed for maximum performance, durability, design and fun. Interchangeable components make the Fliteboard easy to transport, ready for use in no time, and customizable to your individual riding style.

It is a unique experience that you will never forget! Just about anyone can learn it in a short time, but it is also very interesting for a water sports professional!

  • Up to 30 km range
  • Up to 45 km/h
  • Up to 90 minutes battery life
  • Silent electric motor
  • Completely emission-free drive
  • Gliding over the water without wake
  • Brushless electric motor: The quiet electric motor generates enough drive to glide fast up to 45 km/h.
  • G-Force gearbox: precision designed in Germany specifically for the unique requirements of Fliteboard.
  • Newton-Rader Propeller: Designed for maximum propulsive power and efficiency with different airfoils, weight classes and speeds.
  • Wings: Interchangeable wings allow you to easily adapt to your riding style. Made of high-density impregnated carbon fiber for maximum hardness and stability.
  • Purposeful Design: Every detail of the fliteboard is designed for maximum performance, durability, esthetics and 100% fun to ride.
  • America's Cup inspired: Fliteboard was developed using sophisticated parametric models and digital wind tunnel technology, and therefore glides instinctively through the water.
  • High quality materials: carbon fiber, Innegra, aerospace aluminum, high quality wood laminates and composites.
  • One-piece fuselage: The world's first one-piece powered hydrofoil fuselage achieves greater efficiency through optimized hydrodynamics.
  • Flite Controller: The Flite Controller is a specially designed waterproof handheld remote that provides intuitive control for the rider.
  • Acceleration control: 1,000 steps Magnetic actuator (Hall sensor) for precise acceleration control.
  • GPS + Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity with built-in GPS, accelerometer and data logging.
  • Cruise control: Sophisticated algorithms provide start-up assistance, cruise control and an automatic shutdown function (patented).
AUDI e-tron foil von Aerofoils

What is a AUDI e-tron foil?

Fly quietly and emission-free over the water at up to 50 km/h. The closed and gearless drive system sets new standards. It is particularly robust and noise-optimized. You experience perfect, efficient gliding and the dynamics of a high-performance aircraft. The 80cm long mast allows you to fly higher and make steeper turns. The mast and the board are made entirely of carbon fiber and thus offer maximum rigidity with minimum weight. The eFoil is equipped with a high-tech controller with an ultra-sharp color display!

"With the eFoil, you fly over the water. That is unique."

Felix Neureuther| Ski racer

"I ordered one for myself. It's a lot of fun!"

Herbert Diess | CEO Volkswagen AG

Experience one of the most exciting technologies of the 21st century. With the AUDI e-tron foil, you can float quietly and emission-free over the water at up to 50 km/h. The gearless drive system sets new standards and is particularly robust and noise-optimized.

Its enclosed drive system means there are no open rotating parts, making the AUDI e-tron foil particularly safe.

The ultra-slim, aerodynamic airplane design gives you an exceptional glide feel on the water.

Made in Germany. The development of the battery focuses on safety and performance. The high-performance cells ensure a long range with low weight.

  • Maximum speed: 50km/h (∅20-30km/h)
  • Maximum range: Up to 40 km (∅20-30 km)
  • Battery life: Up to 2h (∅1-1.5 h)
  • The safest eFoil on the market thanks to the fully integrated drive unit
  • Ultra slim, aerodynamic aircraft design
  • 80cm mast length allows extremely steep curves to be driven
  • No gearbox, less maintenance and extremely quiet
  • High-tech controller with ultra-sharp color display
  • Made in Germany
  • The AUDI e-tron foil is a high-tech carbon eFoil and is made from the best and highest quality materials. The total weight is approx. 32kg including the battery.
  • Carbon fiber mast and wings offer you maximum rigidity with low weight. This is how you feel the current under your feet and you can steer your eFoil precisely around every curve with your movements.
  • The AUDI AG spin-off combines two worlds - design expertise from Audi and 20 years of know-how in aircraft design. With the AUDI e-tron foil you experience perfect, efficient gliding and the dynamics of a high-performance aircraft.
  • Smart functions on the AUDI e-tron foil controller help you to influence driving behavior and align it with your personal abilities. With a total of 10 power levels and the particularly finely adjustable throttle, you retain perfect control. Super sharp and in color you have all driving data at a glance.
  • As the heart of the AUDI e-tron foil, the self-monitoring battery is not only passively integrated into the system, but intelligently connected to it. The data is used to perfectly tune the system.
  • The AUDI e-tron foil is equipped with GPS and gyro sensors. The radio module in the front and rear thus ensure a stable radio connection even during extreme driving manoeuvres.

Coming soon


What is a Radinn Jetboard?

Radinn offers the most exciting and reliable electric jetboards, or electric surfboards as many call them, on the market today. We offer three models of boards, each with its own characteristics. These are jetboards of the latest generation! Radinn - the name itself reflects the passion: to bring radical innovation to the world of surfing.

Radinn was awarded gold and silver in two different categories at the 2018 IDA Design Awards.

The new Radinn product line G3 is truly radical and innovative. It is a fully modular and connected system with three main components. Boards, jet and battery together provide a new exciting surfing experience.

  • Up to 56 km/h
  • From 0 - 40 km/h in 3,7 Seconds
  • Up to 45 minutes battery life
  • Silent electric motor
  • Completely emission-free drive
  • No maintenance
  • Connectivity: Wireless updates of the jetpack & battery

    OTA (Over-the-Air) upgrades make it possible to increase the performance of your jetboard at any time. Our PRO software update significantly increases top speed and acceleration. With the app, you can tune the power levels up or down depending on your riding ability and style.

    We also offer over-the-air (OTA) battery upgrades that give you the extra ride time you need to really explore your surroundings. Push the limits with the Long Range upgrade option, or go way beyond the normal excursions with the Extended Range upgrade.

    Radinn jetboards are always tailored to your wishes and ideas. When buying your own Radinn jetboard, you start by choosing the board model you prefer.

    Choose between X-Sport, Freeride and Carve. Each model has its own strengths and personality.

Radinn offers different engines: G3 Standard, G3 Pro and G3 Radical (coming soon). Each version is characterized by its power and lighting dynamics.

With the G3 Standard variant you have a power of 7.5 kw and with the G3 Pro variant of 9 kw. This means you can accelerate to over 40 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

We are proud to present you with the most advanced watersports battery on the market today for motorized surfing. This battery delivers enough ride time to put a big smile on the face of the most experienced riders.

Coming soon

eFoil Riders

Customer Comments

  • Josef Eckl
    „Super Service und tolle Beratung! Nachdem einige eFoil Hersteller für mich einen wenig vertrauenserweckenden Eindruck machten, hatte ich bei Sven nie das Gefühl mein Geld falsch anzulegen. Die Boards sind spitze und der Service drumherum macht es perfekt. Sechs Sterne wenn es sie geben würde!!!“
    Josef Eckl
  • Julian Fl.
    „Wir haben unser Fliteboard bei Sven gekauft und sind super zufrieden. Wenn wir Probleme hatten oder Tipps brauchten konnten wir ihn immer unkompliziert über WhatsApp erreichen. Wir freuen uns schon auf die kommende Saison. Das fahren macht einfach süchtig, sogar bei herbstlichen Temperaturen zieht es uns noch auf den Main. Danke für dieses außergewöhnliche Board, welches uns trotz Lockdown ein Gefühl von Urlaub gibt.“
    Julian Fl.
  • Frederick
    „Klare fünf Sterne von mir! Sehr nett und ein guter Service rund ums Board. Vielen Dank und weiter so!“
  • Marcel S.
    „Nach dem 1. Lockdown haben wir zu zweit uns kurzfristig und vollkommen unkompliziert einen Termin zum fahren vereinbart. Es war unser erstes Mal auf so einem Bord aber mit Sven als Coach konnten wir innerhalb kürzester Zeit auf dem Bord stehen und die Natur komplett um uns herum genießen, ganz ohne Benzingeruch und lästige Motorgeräusche - einfach ein Fabelhafter Ausflug der uns süchtig gemacht hat. Wir freuen uns auf die kommende Saison und kommen zu 150 Prozent gerne wieder.“
    Marcel S.
  • Hannes B.
    „Super Kurs und Anleitung der Mitarbeitenden. Ich hatte den Dreh mit den Fliteboards schnell raus und es ist ein unglaubliches Gefühl über dem Wasser zu gleiten!“
    Hannes B.
  • Peter Kuhn
    „Neben den technischen Lösungen von Flite hat mich der Service, Beratung und Hilfsbereitschaft von Sven überzeugt. Auch an einem Sonntag war er für meine Nöte da. Ich bin rundum begeistert“
    Peter Kuhn
  • Daniel
    „Vielen Dank Sven für deinen tollen Service ?? Habe gerade mein Pro bekommen und hat alles perfekt geklappt ?“
  • Pierre Kaspar
    „Super Service und Kommunikation. Ich war sicher kein einfacher Kunde bei der Entscheidungsfindung. Beim Auspacken war spätestens klar, dass Fliteboard die richtige Entscheidung war. Zahlungsabwicklung und Liefertreue absolut zuverlässig. Danke Sven“
    Pierre Kaspar
  • Sirtaki Lagoon
    „Unkomplizierte Lieferung nach Malta, hat alles super gepasst. Die Qualität des Boards ist auch überzeugend. Es macht Spaß und ist auch ein richtiger Sport. Wenn man 1 Stunde über das Wasser geglitten ist, dann spürt man das auch in den Beinen. Die Beratung war auch toll, ich habe gleich ein Profiboard genommen, als Kitesurfer war es dann auch leicht auf dem kleinen Board zu lernen. Danke Sven!“
    Sirtaki Lagoon
  • Peter Petermann
    „Für einen Urlaub hatte ich sehr kurzfristig (nur 36h vorher) angefragt, ob die Leihe eines Boards möglich wäre. Und ja, es war nicht nur möglich, sondern es wurde auch sehr kurzfristig eine Lieferung über 300km organisiert, so daß ich happy damit in Urlaub fahren konnte. Obwohl ich als Kunde bei eFoil-Riders noch nicht bekannt war, bekam ich nicht etwa eine alte Möhre, sondern ein nagelneues Board als Leihgerät (siehe Foto)! Während des Urlaubs erkundigte sich der Inhaber proaktiv, ob alles funktioniert und half mir bei meinen Rückfragen sogar am Wochenende. Alle in allem eine gute Erfahrung, die sicher zu dem Premium-Anspruch der Fliteboards passt.“
    Peter Petermann
  • Jonas Weber-Guskar
    „Auch ein größerer, selbstverschuldeter Defekt wird Dank sehr gutem Service 24/7 (!) und flexiblen Lösungsansätzen wieder behoben! Vielen Dank Sven! Beste Grüße, Joachim“
    Jonas Weber-Guskar
  • Darko Nikić
    „Great seller, fast shipping, 10/10“
    Darko Nikić
  • Zacherl Charter
    „Sehr kompetenter Ansprechpartner! Wir haben das Fliteboard im Urlaub gesehen und im Anschluß sofort bei einigen Shops angefragt. eFoil Riders war mit Abstand die freundlichste Firma und hat uns das Board vollumfänglich erklärt. Auch die Zusatzausstattungen wurden alle besprochen und es gab klare Empfehlungen, was man haben muss, um damit glücklich zu werden. Im Anschluß wurde uns das Board sogar persönlich geliefert und im Detail erklärt, so dass wir nun genau wissen, wie alles funktioniert. In Summe ein wirklich toller Service, von dem sich viele eine Scheibe abschneiden könnten! So geht Onlinehandel! Daher klare Empfehlung! Liebes eFoil Team, macht weiter so! Viel Erfolg & alles Gute!“
    Zacherl Charter
  • Oliver Kremer
    „eFoil Riders (Sven) ist super nett, kompetent, hilfsbereit und absolut zuverlässig! 5 Sterne von mir....weiter so:)!“
    Oliver Kremer